Saturday, 21 January 2012

Episode 26 Dead Pygmy Walking

Pocket God
- Visit the graveyard island
- Dig grave
- Drop the pygmy in the grave
- Bury the pygmy alive and turn into zombie
- Tap and kill the zombie
- Zombie eats pygmy brain
- Zombie eats sleeping pygmy brain
- Make the zombie dance
Land Of The Dead
Visit The Graveyard Island.
Go to this island on the map.
Can You Dig It? + A Grave Mistake + Six Feet Under + Wake The Dead
Dig Grave + Drop The Pygmy In The Grave + Bury The Pygmy Alive And Turn Into Zombie + Tap And Kill The Zombie.
Tap on the grave twice - there are two piles of earth.
Drag and drop a pygmy into the hole.
Tap the pile of earth twice and it will cover the grave. The sign on the gravestone will turn blue.
A zombie will then burst out.
Tap the zombie and it will burst.
Zombie Eats Pygmy Brain.
Wait for the zombie to eat a pygmy's brain. If the zombie takes no notice, drag and drop a pygmy near it.
Dead Asleep
Zombie Eats Sleeping Pygmy Brains.
Slide the sun down to make it night time. The pygmies will then fall asleep. Wait for the zombie to eat the brains of one.
The Undead Have Moves
Make The Zombie Dance.
Tap the sky repeatedly to make the fireworks and the zombies will dance!
This unlocks the Zombie God.


  1. Replies
    1. The way you normaly make them dance tap the screen to a beat

    2. The way you normaly make them dance tap the screen to a beat